Narcissistic Behaviors & Common Expressions

by Melanie Tonia Evans

This article goes in-depth with common narcissistic behaviors and expressions they use.

Here are some excerpts:

  • ‘Me versus You’ mentality.
  • Competitiveness.
  • ‘tit for tat’ retaliations;.
  • Striving for the ‘spotlight’ and attention,
  • Excessive generosity to outside people.
  • Uncomfortable when others are incurring attention or praise.
  • If can’t be centre of attention will either discredit or leave the experience.
  • May fake illnesses or problems to procure attention / sympathy.
  • Abusive verbal behaviour when angered or insecure.
  • “I had them eating out of my hands.”
    (Believes in manipulating others to create results.)
  • “You didn’t let me finish what I was saying.”
    (After verbally maiming and then pretending there was more to say.)
  • “Just because I didn’t do what you wanted when you wanted it.”
    (A justification for receptively breaking promises.)
  • “Just because I didn’t say what you wanted to hear.”
    (A justification for verbal abuse.)
  • “You’re the only person who misunderstands what I say. You’re totally over-emotional.”
    (Same as above.)

Read the full article here: Narcissistic Behaviors & Common Expressions


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